Monday, March 31, 2008

"Julie & Julia" filming dates

UPDATE: Dave Annable of the TV show "Brothers & Sisters" has joined the cast of "Julie & Julia".

Just a quick post to let you know that filming on "Julie & Julia" is going to last until June 3rd, 2008. However, that doesn't mean that Amy's last scene will be shot in June, especially as she is scheduled to rally Vancouver and/or Washington DC in May to start working on "Night at the Museum 2".

Columbia Pictures & Scott Rudin Productions launched pre-production on "Julie & Julia" on January 17th 2008.

Filming officially started on March 6th, 2008 but Amy Adams only joined the cast & crew of "Julie & Julia" in New York on March 17th. She followed cooking classes beforehand.


Anonymous said...

I watched Enchanted and she did way awesome in it. I don't know if this is really Amy Adams blog or if she's going to read this but I just wanted to ask her a question if she does read this. I heard you were raised a latter day saint and I was just wondering why you don't believe in that anymore? I know everyone has there own reasons. I believe you are a great person from what I've heard of you and it says a lot about you for not working at hooters after they tried making you wear those clothes. It shows you are modest and respect yourself. But thats just my opinion. Sorry I kinda went off the question but I don't want you to think I'm judging or whatever for not being a mormon. Just wanted to know why you changed your mind.

Stephany said...

Hi SW,

This blog is not officially related to Amy Adams.


Anonymous said...

haha oh. well you should find out

Anonymous said...

Guess what!! my name is stefanie too!!! i just spell it different. haha. sorry to take up your time. i just heard that tad of information and was just wondering.

Stephany said...

To answer your question, Amy recently talked about her Mormon upbringing in an interview. There you go:

QUESTION: Since you grew up Mormon, what’d you make of all the recent media hype around Mormonism?
AMY ADAMS: Well, we stopped practicing at some point, but before that it was just somewhere you went on Sunday. I didn’t think of it as different. But there are values and teachings I take with me: don’t lie, observe the Golden Rule. I can’t even yell at a New York taxi driver without feeling like I have to apologize for losing my temper.

You can read the full interview here:

Anonymous said...

cool cool. thanks. just wondering

Anonymous said...

hey i just wanted to ask you a question. i was looking for that answer and stuff and all i kept getting was people making myspace and facebook pages about her. and you know i think its cool that you actually have information on yours but if you're not officially getting the information from her why do you guys care? she's just a person. I was just looking for an answer that no one else will give me about why they leave churchs when they are raised to believe in it. just thought hey why not just ask. so sorry for wasting your time. and thank you for trying to answer my question.

Stephany said...

Hi again SW,

This is an unofficial, non-commercial and fan-operated blog. It has been created in admiration of Ms Amy Adams and is intended simply for acknowledging the quality and value of her work.

Most of us are interested by what she's doing because we simply all want to see her movies! That's the basic purpose of a fansite.


Lori said...

They filmed in a butcher shop yesterday around the corner from me
in Astoria. I didn't see Amy but my
9 year old saw her from the school bus and "Meryl from The Devil Wears Prada". No joke. They were
there all day.

Anonymous said...

i have a pair of amy adams's soiled panties in a plastic box under my bed--she left them in the room at my father-in-law's ranch in colorado--that was 4 yrs ago and they still smell like her--should i sell them?--i love them, though, they give me comfort, like being in love....


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