Friday, March 14, 2008

Amy heads to Washington DC this summer?

After months of bad news (bloated salaries, dubious spending, damaged exhibits), the Smithsonian is poised for a possible PR bonanza: a starring role in the sequel to Ben Stiller's blockbuster "Night at the Museum."

The kid-friendly original was set in N.Y.C.'s American Museum of Natural History; now producers are eyeing the Air and Space Museum for Night at the Museum 2 ("Escape From the Smithsonian"). A D.C. shoot (possibly in May) would bring Stiller and Amy Adams to town.

Twentieth Century Fox is now negotiating to film inside -- a rare move for the Smithsonian, but one officials seem open to. "This movie reaches an important demographic, young kids, and it's very positive" about museums, said Air and Space rep Claire Brown.

Source: The Washington Post


Emily said...

I haven't seen the first Night At the Museum but I will definitely be seeing the second because of Amy. Love that picture posted with it!

Billy said...

I have seen a bit of Night At The Musuem, the first one, but i will definitely watch the second one because of Amy, just like what emily said.

milidd said...

Ohhhh, I live in DC, so I will roam the smithsonian museums to see if I can see her there :)