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Amy Adams: an overnight sensation?

IMDB also indicates that "Sunshine Cleaning" will be released on 25 July 2008 in the US. That's sooner than expected but if it turns out to be true, I'm sure no one will be complaining! Thanks Mac for the alert :-)

I'm still digging through the archives of Interview magazine so I apologize if you've already read the article that follows. Selma Blair interviewed Amy for the April 2005 issue. I kinda like to update this blog at least daily so when things are getting quieter for Amy, I tend to post old interviews and videos. Please let me know if you're interested by video clips from "Standing Still", "Psycho Beach Party", "The Last Run" or any other Amy movies that I might have. Don't hesitate to send requests to stephany.kong[at]hotmail.fr or post a comment, and I'll see what I can do. Anyway, here's the interview:


Until now, actress Amy Adams has been most recognizable as the naive, brace-faced fiancee of Leonardo DiCaprio's seductive con man in "Catch Me If You Can" (2002) as well as for various supporting roles in teen and romantic comedies. But this year it was she and a mere handful of others who made the Sundance Film Festival seem as though it hadn't lost its way. With her turn as a young pregnant wife in a small Southern town in the well-received "Junebug"--a performance that earned her a Special Jury Prize at the festival--the actress proved she's all grown-up and ready to break out once and for all.

Dear Amy. Let me just start--I'm gonna talk for a minute because I want to tell you I feel like you're a girl who has not gotten her due. I know you have no bitterness about it, but I'm bitter for you. I think you are the greatest undiscovered discovery.
You are so nice.

And you are so incredibly talented. You blew me away, blew me, blew me, blew me--God, that sounds good, let's repeat that a few times! [both laugh] Anyway, you blew me away in Catch Me If You Can, so I cannot wait to see Junebug. When does it come out?
I have no idea. I think it got picked up by Sony Pictures Classics, so they're going to be dealing with it. I'm just happy for everybody.

It's amazing when a good story gets to be told with the right people involved. And congratulations on your award at Sundance. I looked online. You looked supercute at the awards ceremony. You're like a dark, complicated girl trapped in the physicality of a Breck girl. [Adams laughs]
You know, I've dyed my hair red.

That's going to change everything, Amy!
I know. Cutting bangs is going to change my whole personality, I've decided. People will finally see the darker girl inside.

So, what was your first project?
Drop Dead Gorgeous [1999].

And you've been blonde in every film except for maybe some recent projects. Are you blonde in Junebug?
No, I have red hair. I mean, really it's orange. We went for a very specific orange shade. I'm kidding, actually--it just turned out orange, and I was like, "Oh, let's leave it."

Tell me about the character you play.
She's really innocent, the sweetest girl you'd ever meet. Like, you feel sorry for her because she's so nice.

Is there a touch of your Catch Me If You Can character in Junebug?
I guess there are similarities. She's got the young Southern innocence about her, but the girl in Junebug has been through a lot more. But, to me, they're both so different.

How did Phil Morrison, the film's director, find you for this movie?
He'd seen me in Catch Me, but my being around for the casting was basically a fluke. I was in the midst of shooting what I will now refer to as "That Television Show," [both laugh] and I was supposed to be in Las Vegas; but the studio sent me home because they weren't going to use me for a few days. I was angry about that, but as it turned out, I had the audition for Junebug that weekend.

Your angels are watching over you. I do think it's kind of like "Slow and steady wins the race," and everything is lining up for you now. You're too good to become an overnight sensation, even though you've been called one.
Well, it's funny because even now I'll read stuff about me, and it'll say "newcomer" or "relative newcomer," and I'm like, "Six years later!" [laughs] I don't think people understand how much work goes into being a newcomer.

I'm still a newcomer starlet, and I'm 50! So, how long have you been in L.A.?
Six years.

And is it true that you were performing in dinner theater?
Yeah. I was working on Brigadoon at this dinner theater in Minnesota when I got the part in Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Do you love Brigadoon? [There's a knock at the door, and an Interview editor enters carrying a coffee for Blair]. Oh, no, you're bringing me coffee! I feel like such a big deal. Thank you! [Adams laughs] Amy, someone just brought me coffee.
They brought you coffee?

[Laughs] I quit coffee for a while, but apparently I'm back on it.
You fool!

I know. Anyway, what's something about you that someone who doesn't know you would be really surprised by?
Where do I start?

I know--it's all a facade, right?
It's weird. Even in high school I was so frustrated because I felt like people expected me to be one way based on looking a certain way. Like, looking wholesome.

Were people afraid to swear or to light a cigarette in front of you because they thought you'd judge them or something?
No, it wasn't that. I was just not fitting in with the cheerleaders. And I was doing ballet, so I was always gone from school. But I didn't fit in with the theater people either because I was in the real theater. I think people thought I was a snob. But I'd say people would think my personality is exactly the opposite of my face, if that makes any sense--even though at the same time I'm a really optimistic, upbeat person, and I'm for the most part happy. There's just a lot of yin and yang.

Your idealism was one of the things I understand Steven Spielberg [Catch Me If You Can's director] was so attracted to in you. And that's been my small experience of you too. I'll see you in an audition, and you're so happy and professional. And if you're not rooting for yourself, you're rooting for me. But at the same time, you're really there, you do your hair right--
And I show up in costume.

I remember we were at some audition where we were supposed to be like stewardesses or anchorwomen or something. You showed up with a scarf, and I swear your hair looked like a wig. You were perfect. I'm like, "I could never get in my car dressed that way." You're completely fearless.
There's no halfway with me. I ain't got time to pretend I don't want a job.

Yeah, I agree. It's like, "If you don't want this job, then please leave because I really do. And the girl over there, Amy, with the parasol--she really wants it too." [Adams laughs]
Exactly. But I don't see anything wrong with playing your cards. I mean, is there something wrong with wanting to do your best?

I've heard that a couple of times, like, "Oh, Selma, you just want it too bad."
I hate it when people put that on you, that whole you're-giving-away-your-power thing. And I'm like, "Why? By wanting to do a good job?" How being honest has now become the new weakness I'll never understand. But I guess I'll be weak then because I cannot lie--I'm the worst liar.

What's the last lie you told?
I think I have a tendency to exaggerate, but harmless exaggerations like "Oh my God, there was so much traffic," when really I just didn't leave my house on time.

I'm pretty sure your judgment day will be a kind one. [laughs] What else have you got going on?
Well, I shot The Wedding Date recently with Debra Messing.

Oh, yeah! And that's out right now. Tell me about it.
I play Debra's younger half sister. And honestly, they told me that I was too mean. We had to go back in looping and make her nicer.

[Laughs] Okay, so is there anything you want to say in an interview that you've never had the opportunity to say--something that you just wanted to blurt out or wanted people to learn about you?
Um, I'm one of seven kids. I grew up in Colorado.

What order in the children are you?
I'm the middle child.

Okay, favorite record from childhood.
Uh, Strawberry Shortcake Loses Her Basket, but that's from, like, early childhood.

Okay, I was thinking more like Corey Hart or something [Adams laughs], but that was so honest. And your favorite record when you were 15?
I was really into this REO Speedwagon single, and I liked the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Now that was hot.

Okay, more random questions. What color of shoes would you never wear?
[Pause] Is there a shoe that I wouldn't wear at all? The answer is: There's no color of shoe that I wouldn't wear.

Okay. Favorite supermodel.
Heidi Klum. She always looks so happy!

I know, she does.
I'd be pleased if I were her. [laughs]

Favorite president of all time.
Oh. Um. Let's see. I'm stumped.

I like how we can immediately say which supermodel we like, and we're like, "Favorite president ... hmm."
[Laughs] Let's say George Washington.

Favorite flavor of tea?

Really? It tastes like toilet paper to me.
I put soy milk and honey in it. Maybe that's the trick.

Okay, I have a couple more stupid questions. Pencils or felt-tipped pens?
Pencils. I like ballpoint, if you had said that.

No, I hate ballpoint, so that wasn't even in the running. These are my questions. [laughs] More important question: a director that you really want to work with?
Alexander Payne.

And your dream role?
Wow, that's hard 'cause it changes every week. I'm looking at a script right now that has a dream role in it.

Okay, then we'll just send light that way. And don't jinx it, don't talk about it. I wish you the best on that dream role. [whines] I hope you get it! ... I hope I don't want it! [laughs]
You'd actually be really good in it.

Well, that'll end this friendship. I'll be like, "Oh, by the way, that dream role that you wanted? Mine."
No, I'm not like that, because my thing is, if another actress gets it--

She was meant to have it. I'm the same way.
And also, I love it when people I respect get a role I was up for. Like, my goal in acting is to lose a part to Samantha Morton.

Just to be in that company. I agree. Well, I will always be thrilled to lose a part to you.
And vice versa.

And I can't wait to see Junebug, and I'm going to go see The Wedding Date.
Yeah, go see it. Dermot Mulroney's behind is very cute in it.


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