Saturday, March 1, 2008

"I'm going to go to bed tonight thinking about the Oscars"

There are a few bits and pieces related to Amy at the Oscars in the latest Entertainment Weekly issue.

On the carpet: Proenza Schouler's emerald silk twill

On the stage: L'Wren Scott's black wool crepe to perform "Happy Working Song"

Winner: When you're singing your heart out to invisible rats and cockroaches, there's a decent chance we won't be eyeballing your dress. That arrivals garb, on the other hand, got our attention. Green

9:30pm at the Oscars: It's a redhead lovefest. Amy Adams is waiting to meet Swinton, who, it turns out, has been dying to meet Adams. "I'm so thrilled to meet you!" Swinton gushes. "Enchanted is definitely one of my favorite movies this year." Adams is overwhelmed. "I'm going to go to bed tonight thinking about this," she says.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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waichee said...

and i am going to bed thinking abt her after i watched her sing in Oscars...she was just captivating and yes,she sounds nervous..but hey,she was up there alone...I AM REALLY PROUD OF HER...