Sunday, March 16, 2008

"I'm too old for High School Musical 3"

The third installment of High School Musical, set for the big screen, is one of 2008's most anticipated movies.

Amy Adams says she's very happy to see the franchise doing so well: "I think we seem to be returning again to a more wholesome presentation to our young girls so we don't have the bare mid drift and the promiscuous behaviour being sold to 10 year olds. So I'm happy that those films are doing well and also I would love to do another musical. I would love to do a stage musical."

Casting for High School Musical 3 is already underway. Given her dancing and musical background, Amy was asked several times by the press if she would like to be part of the project. "I think I'm a little old for High School Musical 3 unless I'm the perky counsellor", she giggles. "But I would love to return to musicals yes".


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Amanda C. said...

urgh! who even thought about that? jeez...