Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Amy Adams likes to be stopped by children for her puppies

Perpetually cute actress Amy Adams took a break from being the cute one while out walking her brand new puppies in Brooklyn yesterday.

Amy told the press that it felt refreshing to be stopped by children because of her puppies for once, rather than for the usual reasons (which is because she was in Enchanted). Adams said that her new puppies also distract people from the unflattering haircut she's sporting.

"It's for a role," she explained.

Source: Defamer

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Miss Pettigrew" comes to DVD on August 19th

Great news everyone -- "Miss Pettigrew lives for a day" is coming to DVD on August 19th.

Universal Home Video announced that it will be a dual-sided disc containing both the widescreen and fullscreen versions, along with English Dolby Digital 5.1 surround tracks. Extras will include a commentary with Director Bharat Nalluri, deleted scenes, a Miss Pettigrew's Long Trip to Hollywood featurette, and a Making an Unforgettable Day featurette.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Would Amy Adams consider doing some theatre?

Amy Adams got the flash bombardment at the New York Premiere of 'Country Girl'.

"I'm here for Mike and for Frances, who I just worked with in 'Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.' It was a blast. She's a wonderful lady, and I'm just so happy to be here." she says. Enough to seriously consider doing some theatre? "Oh, I would love to. It's always something on my mind."

Amy Adams attends "Country Girl" New York Premiere (3)

Source: Retna

Amy Adams attends "Country Girl" New York Premiere (2)

Actress Celia Weston was also attending the "Country Girl" Premiere. Perfect moment to catch up for the two "Junebug" stars!

Source: Celebutopia

Amy Adams attends "Country Girl" New York Premiere (1)

Amy Adams attended the opening night for the revival of "Country Girl" on Broadway yesterday evening. The play is directed by Mike Nichols ("Charlie Wilson's War") and includes Frances McDormand, Morgan Freeman and Peter Gallagher in its cast. It was at the Bernarnd Jacobs Theater in New York City. Amy was accompanied by Darren Le Gallo. Kirsten Dunst, Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman were also in the audience. Many thanks to Mac Prescott for the information!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Amy Adams in "The Last Run" (2004)

"The Last Run" (2004) tells the story of a young accountant who is devastated after discovering that his girlfriend is cheating on him. His best friend Jack, who's engaged to a girl he doesn't love (Alexis, played by Amy Adams), convinces him to go on a "run" and sleep with as many women as he can to get over his heart break. Amy only have a minor role in "The Last Run" so her appearance is very limited. Enjoy the video clips!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Keri Russell was an inspiration to Amy Adams

Amy Adams was waiting tables at Boulder's Dinner Theatre in 1994 when a nasty patron carped, 'Well, I certainly hope you're a better actress than you are a waitress.'

'Oh, believe me,' she responded guilelessly, 'me too.'

Amy is the middle of seven children by Kathryn and Rich Adams. In high school, she was an apprentice ballerina for the David Taylor Dance Company and focused on art and sculpture. Art teacher Larry Alexander said Amy 'had the quiet intensity of a perfectionist,' but she never considered acting, in part because, she said, 'I was led to believe that I can't sing.'

Her mother knew Amy was going to be a star when she was rushed into service by Boulder's Dinner Theatre for 'A Chorus Line' after another actor was injured. 'She learned all the songs and dances by video,' Kathryn Adams said. 'When she went on stage, she hadn't had any time with the rest of the cast, and she was phenomenal.'

She worked for Heritage Square Music Hall and the Country Dinner Playhouse, where producer Bill McHale said, 'I felt she was something special from the very first audition.' Adams calls those 'the learning years' - and the poor years. She drove a rusty car the family called the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang because you could see straight through to the street from inside the car.

A producer from a Minneapolis dinner theater saw Adams in the chorus of CDP's 'Anything Goes' and 'stole her away,' McHale said. It was there she landed the Minnesota-based 'Drop Dead Gorgeous.'

Even today, she still can't believe her luck.

'When I was starting out, Keri Russell had just gotten on 'Felicity,' and even though she was far more beautiful and talented, she was an inspiration to me,' Adams said. 'She was from Colorado, and that made me think, 'Hey, it can happen.'

'So my advice to anyone now would just be to work hard, stay focused and remember that it is just a career. But yeah, it can happen. It definitely can happen.'

- John Moore for The Denver Post

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amy Adams NOT in "The Office" season finale

OK guys -- sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks as though all the press releases have now been amended. It was in fact Amy RYAN and not Amy Adams.

I'm so, so disappointed and even more sorry that I spread the news when it happened to be untrue. AintItCoolNews have also posted their apologizes. So gutted. *cries*

Amy Adams or Amy Ryan in "The Office"?

OK, things are getting a little bit confusing. NBC reported yesterday that Amy Ryan would also play in the season finale of "The Office" and people are starting to wonder if they didn't confuse both Amys -- after all, it happened very frequently in the past! AintItCoolNews reported that it was Amy Adams and that's also what I read earlier this morning on several websites, but now I'm not so sure. Please let us know if you have more information about this. Thanks!

Amy Adams played the recurring guest role of Katy, a handbag seller, on "The Office" so I guess it would make more sense if it was her instead of Ryan. We shall see. In the meantime, here are a few clips from episodes "The Fire" and "Booze Cruise".

It's official: Amy Adams returns to "The Office"

UPDATE! The press release has been amended - it was Amy RYAN and not Adams. NBC has just reported that Amy Adams will return to "The Office" in the series' hour-long 4th season finale. Mike Ausiello at TV Guide says the May 15 finale *SPOILERS ALERT* will feature two “Office” characters getting engaged - not hard to guess which two officers! *END OF SPOILERS* Amy played Katy, the purse-seller title character in “The Hot Girl" episode (see clips below).

Amy Adams has always been very keen to go back to the show: "That was the best work experience. I loved that show and that cast so much", she says. "I don't know if they believe me, but every time I see them I'm like, "Oh, my gosh, I'll do anything to come back. Maybe she's selling something else now!". It looks as though NBC heard her call :-)

Scarey moment with Chris Messina on the set of "J&J"

Amy Adams is pictured below having a scarey moment on the set of "Julie and Julia". Amy was sharing her scenes in the car with co-star Chris Messina, who plays her husband Eric. To those of you who asked, Dave Annable (Justin in "Brothers & Sisters") is NOT playing her love interest.

Credit: Edward Opinaldo for Splash News

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Amy Adams poses with her dogs Pippy and Sadie

Amy Adams is posing below with Pippy and Sadie, her cute puppies. These photographs were taken by Steve Sands on the set of "Julie and Julia" in Queens, NY.

Amy Adams on the set of "Julie & Julia" in Astoria, Queens

Amy Adams - still faithful to Starbucks - is filming "Julie & Julia" at Indigo in Astoria, Queens today.

Walking to the set of "J&J" inside Dean and DeLuca

Amy Adams is pictured below trying to hide away from the paparazzi behind the production crew of her movie currently on location as they walk to the set in Soho inside Dean and DeLuca. The crew is also dutifully taking care of her dogs on the set.

Credit: Edward Opinaldo for Splash News

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Amy Adams goes boy-crazy for Dave Annable

Amy Adams was spotted yesterday in the streets of NYC sharing good laughs with "Julie & Julia" co-star Dave Annable. She's got every reason to go boy-crazy all over again!

Credit: PacificCoastNews

"Enchanted" sequel with Amy Adams to go ahead?

A foxy little birdie cheeped in the ear of Clint Morris from that Disney is developing a sequel to “Enchanted” – and the production has inched forward significantly in the past month or two, as a direct result of those smashing DVD sales.

Director Kevin Lima has apparently already spoken to Disney about the sequel even though he's currently busy working on "The Spook's Apprentice". It’s not yet known whether the sequel will reunite Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey – though, if the price is right, it probably will.

"That's what the guts of the discussions are about at the moment", Morris is been told. "More soon. Promise".

Something should emerge in the trades soonish, by the sounds…

The secrets of 'Charlie Wilson's War' on DVD

Entertainment Tonight has a first look at the 'Charlie Wilson's War' DVD special features -- available everywhere in the US today -- going behind the scenes of the movie with Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams -- and Charlie Wilson himself! Click on the picture below to watch the video (it will open in a new window).

Monday, April 21, 2008

Amy Adams is all cherries on the set of "Julie & Julia"

A few more pictures of Amy Adams on the set of "Julie & Julia" can be found on Pacific Coast News Online. Click on the pics to enlarge them!

Amy Adams and Dave Annable on the set of "Julie & Julia"

"Julie and Julia" is filming near W 22nd St and 8th Ave in Manhattan today. Amy is pictured below with co-star Dave Annable ("Brothers & Sisters").

Amy Adams on the set of J&J in Long Island City (2)

Just a few more pictures from the "Julie & Julia" set taken in New York on April 17th. Not too sure what scene they are filming here, but it looks as though she's moving in somewhere!

Amy Adams on the set of J&J in Long Island City (1)

I've just returned from a lovely weekend in Wales (thanks for the best wishes everyone!). I finally realize that Amy Adams really is everywhere - I was relaxing in my hotel room after a visit to Conwy Castle, turned on the TV and guess what!? There she was on Welsh Television in "The Wedding Date". There's no way I can leave without being reminded how popular she is now! Anyways - Amy is pictured below in Long Island City filming a scene for "Julie & Julia" on April 17th.

Friday, April 18, 2008

"Standing Still" out on DVD on May 12th in the UK

Featuring an all-star cast, "Standing Still" is finally out in the UK on rental DVD on 28th April 2008 and retail DVD on 12th May 2008.

It's very likely that Momentum Pictures would never have released this DVD without Amy 's increasing popularity. Amy Adams is their top argument to sell the movie in the UK which has never been released there.

Special features on the UK edition include a trailer and an interview with Amy Adams and Adam Garcia (Fiyero in the West End's London production of "Wicked").

"Standing Still" tells the story of a group of college friends who re-unite four years after graduating for the wedding of Elise (Amy Adams) and Michael (Adam Garcia), a seemingly perfect couple who have been dating forever.

Unlike most young couples, they have everything one can wish for – a beautiful house, an upcoming wedding and of course a crew of close friends, all coming into Los Angeles for the weekend nuptials. As the friends arrive at the house, however, joyous reunions quickly turn into a roller coaster of emotions as they learn new things about each other.

On an off-topic note, I'm leaving soon for a few days in Wales so I just wanted to let you know that I won't update this blog during a couple of days. I'll post video clips of Amy in "Standing Still" when I come back. In the meantime, here's the trailer!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amy Adams in Junebug (2005)

Those video clips are certainly not new for most of you - but I thought I'd just post a few clips from "Junebug", where Amy Adams plays a pregnant good soul who becomes enchanted with her sophisticated new sister-in-law.

Amy says she had no idea how significant this supporting role in a domestic drama set in North Carolina would be to her career. "I knew that it was important that I did it. I try to look at my projects as more than just what they're going to do for my career because ultimately you never know whether it's going to be successful or whether it's going to be the last thing you ever work on."

"It takes a lot of love for the film -which we all have -so it's not really a job," Adams remarks. It was shot in 21 days on location in Winston-Salem, the small North Carolina city where it is set, and premiered at the 2005 Sundance Festival, where Amy won a special jury prize.

As the fourth of seven children, Amy understood the dynamics that make Junebug tick. "I knew her," she recalls, about first reading the script. "I felt as if I automatically went, okay, I know. I come from a big family where there's a lot of competition, so for me that never needed to be explained. What you're going to get out of this film all depends on your experience in life. And I really do think most people get something from it."

Junebug is that rare work these days to make a plot point of religion in neither a proselytising nor a satiric way. "If anything, that's the fabric that holds these people together, so at the end, where Ashley has the moment of questioning her worth with God, that's huge to her." And Ashley's guilelessness doesn't mean she is stupid. "It's easy to make that assumption: that if you approach things with a sense of naivete, you are dim. I've heard Ashley called 'the dimwitted chatterbox'. But I don't feel the need to defend her. I think the film shows that being good is not always the easy choice."

Amy Adams knows full well that Ashley cannot be the sum total of her career. "That's what's weird. Sometimes, I think, that's one performance, just one role, but she meant a lot to me." As she doubtless will to those who seek out this sweet, small film.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Amy Adams in the subway for "Julie & Julia" (2)

Just a few more pics of Amy on the set of "Julie & Julia" in bigger size. Many thanks to Harper for those! ;-)

Amy Adams in the subway for "Julie & Julia" (1)

Yesterday, Amy filmed a few scenes of "Julie & Julia" in Brooklyn, near the Methodist Hospital. She was carrying lots of groceries in the subway.