Thursday, April 3, 2008

Amy Adams talks about fairytales in the City of Lights

Added 4 video interviews recorded in October 2007 in Paris. Amy Adams was in France for the promotion of "Enchanted" ("Il était une fois"). I wrote a translation of all the questions below each video. It's funny when Amy tries to speak French at the beginning of the fourth video. She says "Je suis enchantée" which means "Nice to meet you". Does anybody know what she's singing a little bit later in the same video?

1/ In the movie, you look like a young Julie Andrews...
2/ Do you believe in fairy tales?
3/ What is the best fairy tale ever written?
4/ What is the best Disney fairy tale?
5/ Your character becomes a woman when she starts to feel anger for the first time...
6/ Who are your favourite actresses?
7/ With which director would you like to work?

1/ Is it difficult to sing and dance simultaneously?
2/ Playing a Disney Princess must be very flattering, don't you think?
3/ Giselle has many qualities: which one would you like to have?
4/ If you were Giselle, would you choose Edward (James Marsden) or Robert (Patrick Dempsey)?
5/ Do you believe in Prince Charming?
6/ What are your favourite Disney movies?
7/ Did you know that you were only the second Disney Princess to be a redhead after the Little Mermaid?

1/ The first Disney movie you've seen
2/ Your favourite Disney movie
3/ Your favourite Disney character
4/ A secondary Disney character you like
5/ Your favourite Disney bad guy
6/ Your favourite Disney song

1/ Andalasia or Manhattan?
2/ Your favourite duet
3/ What would you choose to seduce someone: kill an ogre or offer chocolate?


Bess said...

Amy's favorite Disney song is "Part of Your World". Wow, me too!!!! It's so good to know this.

Thanks for posting all these videos.

Amanda C. said...

gosh...didn't get the song either..."you say I'm a dreamer...but two.."?????? um....
Love the interview. Thanks!

Jesús M. said...

It's this song:

"you say i'm a dreamer, we're two of a kind..."

I wouldn't consider it a "duet", i don't know if she means another version...

Thanks a lot from me too, for all this stuff you post everyday!

Anonymous said...

I was just coming here to say the only version I know with those lyrics is the Thompson Twins song!
She sings "You say I'm a dreamer *mumblessomethingelse* we're two of a kind"... so I disregarded the mumble! :) But, sounds like it's the song she's singing. :)

Tiffany said...

thanks for posting these!

Anonymous said...

Is it really?

I have it right here on a mix tape, wedged between "Take on Me" and the theme to "Miami Vice".

Ah, child of the 80s.

Anonymous said...

I think that Enchanted has become the greatest of all the films released lately...
Since many people came to like the heroine of the film. they had an impulse to watch the film in a movie theater.
And some songs of the heroine moves us very deeply..

Jimmy Jarred said...

I love the information you have provided in this article about this beautiful actress. Its so good to know about her. Thanks !
Amy Adams