Thursday, April 10, 2008

Amy Adams filming on Spring St today and tomorrow?

Red alert for our New Yorkers! We've got some news for "Julie and Julia". Filming is taking place today and tomorrow near Soho (some on 586 Broadway as well as on Spring St). There are posters everywhere on Crosby street between Broome and Spring, and down Spring street right after Broadway. We don't know if Amy Adams will be present but there's only one way to find out - just go!!

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Sydni said...

Ugh! I wanna live in NY! LOL If only I had moved to North Carolina earlier so I could be near the filming place for Junebug. *Hmph*

Lol Good luck to all you New Yorkers tryin to spot her! :D

Jee said...

Thank you so much Steph! :)
i can't believe that I was in Manhattan today for five whole hours - if I checked the blog before I left, I would've been able to see them filing probably!

Ahh I'll try tomorrow! Thanks for the info again! :)

Anonymous said...

Someone has already seen some action, apparently, on 12th & Broadway. Not much, but look at her blog here:

She even included a very tiny picture of a brown-haired Amy. (At least that's who she says it is... I can't see much)


Anonymous said...

Yep...Amy now has brown short hair...really short hair. Got to meet her today. You rock Stephany!

- Tiffany

Bess said...

This blog post is very cute!! Amy's too cute to introduce herself.

oh....I just wish I can live in NYC.