Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Amy Adams was definitely wearing a wig for J&J

According to an anonymous who emailed me, Amy Adams was very sweet on the red carpet and signed many autographs. She is pictured below with director Mike Nichols ("Charlie Wilson's War") and it looks as though she was definitely wearing a wig on the J&J set!


Anonymous said...

she kept her red hair? YAY! I'm so happy, and that was so sweet of Amy!

Another proof that she's just another sweet person.

Anonymous said...

how weird! So that wig is PERFECT! Can't believe. I kind of likes the other look as well, it's nice to see actors with different looks.

Valerie said...

i agree Amanda.. that wig was PERFECT. i think it had all of us fooled!! we were all ready for the long months of awkward ponytails while the short hair grew out again!

Anonymous said...

The wig appears to be closer to her natural color, than deep red she claims she has held onto since "Junebug." But hey, we still love her, right? Speaking of her original hair color, here's an image of her with Lauren Ambrose & Danni Wheeler in "Psycho Beach Party," courtesy of Badmovies.org.



Annie said...

Are they back to normal ?!
(sorry - emotion)