Friday, April 11, 2008

Amy Adams shows new haircut on the set of "Julie & Julia

The brief scene filmed on April 9th on Church Street in NY involved Amy as Julie Powell, emerging from the subway and walking by the memorial-draped fence. She's filming again around Soho today so if you have the chance to live in this area, please go and give us some feedback!


Bess said...

thank you Steph!!
I wonder if Amy really gets a haircut or she wears a wig. Her beautiful long redhair has always been one of her best signatures.
Anyway, I'm getting excited to see more pictures on the set!

BTW, where can you find all these pictures?

lucetta said...

where's her long hair???????

Catherine said...

i really hope it's a wig!
coz her long hair is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I will miss that long hair (who wouldn't?), but this one also looks cute on her.

I won't be surprised if she did cut her hair. Her next role (Amelia Earheart) will also require very short hair. Serious actors are not afraid of changing their appearance for a role.

Don't fret, people, the hair will grow back :) Besides, this one looks pretty, too.

Anonymous said...

Here is a news article in New York Times which mentioned Amy on the set of Julie & Julia.

Anonymous said...

She cut her long hair for the new role. That is what professional actors do for a role :-)
But she still looks very pretty

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