Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Miss Pettigrew" comes to DVD on August 19th

Great news everyone -- "Miss Pettigrew lives for a day" is coming to DVD on August 19th.

Universal Home Video announced that it will be a dual-sided disc containing both the widescreen and fullscreen versions, along with English Dolby Digital 5.1 surround tracks. Extras will include a commentary with Director Bharat Nalluri, deleted scenes, a Miss Pettigrew's Long Trip to Hollywood featurette, and a Making an Unforgettable Day featurette.


Jee said...

stephh! you made my day!
it's so ironic because me & the guys at the forums were talking about it yesterday :D I saw this movie and loved it to death.

Daniel Lad said...

Its great that there is a release date I just wish it was a little sooner

Bess said...

I just wish they will make it to be released in Taiwan. Even Hong Kong has it released at end of March. I can't wait any longer for DVD!!!

Valerie said...

man that's a long wait!! I was just thinking about when they were going to release the DVD. I hope they put a bunch of extras though. I'd love to see bloopers!

Although commentary with Amy would be really cool too!

Thanks for posting!

Annie said...

I just read a google alert saying it was gonna be released I'M SO HAPPYYY !
Still haven't seen this movie ...
And thanks for the pictures !!
Oh and also, I'm back :D


Anonymous said...

damn! I was hoping so badly that it was gonna be released in july, because I'm leaving the US by that time and I don't think it is gonna be released that soon in Brazil! Oh lord.

Anonymous said...

Comes out a day before Amy's B-Day and 2 days before mine so Happy B-Day to me.

Anonymous said...

Did they ever release this in the theaters in the UK? I know they did it her in the US, but I don't see any UK release date for it on IMDb, and if there wasn't one, it's an idiotic thing to do since it takes place in London in 1939.

Dan(not Lad)

Stephany said...

Hi Dan,

You're right, they didn't release "Miss Pettigrew" in the UK. The movie soundtrack and the book are available though. I've seen them at Waterstone's & HMV - weird, eh? We should keep our fingers crossed but so far, Focus Features has not signed a distribution deal for the UK.

Anonymous said...

even here in the US it was released in selected theaters. Too bad, cuz it's very good. I think the same happenned with "junebug".