Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Repost: "So Close" at the Academy Awards

This blog entry is not directly related to Amy, but the video clip of "So Close" at the Oscars was kindly requested by Amanda so I couldn't say no :) Patrick Dempsey is presenting Jon McLaughin and the context of the nominated song. Please note that Amy Adams is NOT the girl who is dancing on stage. Amy was without a doubt skilled enough to do her own dancing but she probably didn't have the time to rehearse for that.

Jon McLaughlin - So Close


Anonymous said...

thanks A LOT. I just LOVE this video, couldn't live without it (drama!)!

Anonymous said...

I seriously did think it was Amy dancing O_o

Kudos to whoever portrayed Giselle in that vid.

Anonymous said...

I always make myself relax by watching my favorite and most funny show The Big Bang Theory.