Friday, April 11, 2008

Bumping into Amy Adams on the set of "Julie & Julia"

A bobbed and brunette Amy Adams combed the stacks Thursday at the Strand bookstore in New York City, where she continues to shoot her new film "Julie & Julia". Gerard was on the set and tells us a funny story about it.

"So last night I'm on Greene st. in NY. They are filming Julie and Julia. I used to work right in front where they are filming. I go to my old job I turn around and some real pretty girl is looking at me like what am I doing standing here.

I look at her and say "Hey do you know who Amy Adams is?" This unknown lady says, "She is the big celeb who is staring in this movie". I say "Yea but which one is she?". She smiles and says "No clue".

About 2 seconds later she starts to laugh and says "I'm her, how can you not know! Haha". We joke around for a bit then I wish her luck and she continues to film :)"


Anonymous said...

haha.. that's pretty cute..

It must be the new hairdo. She's all incognito!

emily said...

How lucky!

Anonymous said...

Well, the hair and the makeup changes this woman's face every time to me. I saw Junebug after Enchanted and I had a hard time comparing one face with another, and of course these photos on set give me another new face...It's the first time this happens to me, actresses' faces usually get stuck in my brain..

Tiffarazzi said...

that picture is toooo cute!

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOVE that pic!
yeah, it's typical. She always says that people come and say "have anyone told you that you look like Amy Adams?" and she answers "yeah, I've hear that". hahahah
love it.

NewfanDy said...

Here's another point of view of the aforementioned rendezvous with Amy Adams. ;)

Glad I found it.

Katherine said...

did you take that pic after? or before? did you ask her to take it? lol. just curious.

and that's so lucky! i wish i could meet (or even talk =O) with Amy.