Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Amy Adams likes to be stopped by children for her puppies

Perpetually cute actress Amy Adams took a break from being the cute one while out walking her brand new puppies in Brooklyn yesterday.

Amy told the press that it felt refreshing to be stopped by children because of her puppies for once, rather than for the usual reasons (which is because she was in Enchanted). Adams said that her new puppies also distract people from the unflattering haircut she's sporting.

"It's for a role," she explained.

Source: Defamer


Annie said...

Thanks for this :]
They look so cute on the pic <3
I want a boyfriend. XD


jee said...

I want her boyfriend.

Thankks for the article steph!
but didnt she have pippy a long time ago and sadie recently? and, she's wearing a wig and its not a haircut, haha :)

but its soo cute that kids stop for her puppies, aww!

Valerie said...

i love her puppies.. they're adorable!

LOL at Jee.. Darren is pretty Yummy!! ;)

Anonymous said...

wow. sounds like she is a little tired of being besieged. But her puppies are really cute, specially when with both of them. It's like they are their kids.

Amber said...

Oh, so she had her wig on! I was a little confused because of the pic, she looks gorgeous in that tiny picture!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to meet her puppies

Natasha said...

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<3 Natasha