Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Amy Adams in Charlie Wilson's War (2006) - Part 2

Check out these four other clips of "Charlie Wilson's War" starring Tom Hanks, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams and Julia Roberts.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was nominated for an Oscar for this role.

You may also recognize Shiri Appleby ("Roswell") and Rachel Nichols ("Alias") as Charlie's secretaries.

The following video clip is lovely! Bonnie (Amy Adams) brings some good news.


Anonymous said...

Amy is good in all of her scenes I have got to get this movie

Annie said...

Thanks a lot :]

Anonymous said...

lol, I like the last one the best!


mmmc said...

Thanks for the clips!
I just finished downloading Charlie Wilson's War through measures of questionable legality ;) and I can't wait to watch it!!

btw, this is the very first site I visit whenever I turn on my computer and I love it everyday! ^_^

lucetta said...

thanks for the always nice blog