Monday, April 14, 2008

Is Amy Adams the sweet, simple girl she seems to be?

Is Amy Adams the sweet, simple girl she seems to be? Rose Rosetree, author of "The Power of Face Reading" and "Aura Reading Through All Your Senses", looked a little closer and wrote an expert analysis on Amy.

At first glance, Rosetree called Adams a "sweetie pie." The first thing she noticed about the actress was her ears. "Such silky ear texture," Rosetree says. "Her ears are so fine they are practically translucent. What this means is she's a highly sensitive person."

Rosetree recommends that Adams not take any horror movie roles anytime soon: "Just making it would make her sick for years."

Adams' nose, interestingly, has two different widths. "You see quite a lot of width from bridge of her nose down to the tip," Rosetree says. "She has both padding and narrowness in the very same nose." This means that Adams has a secret: She comes across as a team player, but "deep down, she doesn't want to get any direction. She wants to completely do it her way."

The apples of her cheeks are pretty even, Rosetree says, who sees a straight line from her forehead down to her jaw on both sides of her face. "That's the polite power style," she says. "That is an ability ... to get things done by working the system, by figuring out who the players are, without necessarily calling a lot of attention to yourself."

"She has an ethereal presence," Rosetree says. "She should be especially good at roles playing people who drift in and out of relationships. Because Amy doesn't really yet know what she wants."

But make no mistake, Adams has enormous courage and will speak up for herself if she's not getting respect.

Belly chakra: This is where sexuality is stored, Rosetree doesn't see as much raw sex appeal as many stars have. "What she has that is very strong in this area is emotional warmth and the strong desire to be in relationships with people," Rosetree says. "She doesn't just exchange body parts in a temporary liaison."

Power chakra: Adams' personal power chakra reveals that her stardom has very little to do with her. "In a profession that is largely about big egos and finding ways to push so that they stand out, that's really not what she does," Rosetree says. "She is very unconventional in this profession. The universe is going to help make her famous or not, but there is nothing she can do about it. There's nothing fake about her aura. She doesn't push herself."

Heart Chakra: This reveals mega-talent, emotional oneness with others, and a gift that serves her at work and in her personal life. "She has a long memory for relationships," Rosetree says. "Any kindness that a person does her, no matter how big a star she becomes, she will never forget that." The flip side: "If someone hurts her, she remembers that a long time, too."

Throat chakra: Adams' throat chakra still seems to be developing. "What's the polite way to put this?" Rosetree says. "She's still learning who she is as a communicator. In public, she is great at playing roles. She may have 20 different Amy Adams roles she may put on as if they are clothes in her closet. She doesn't project a very strong 'This is Amy' vibe yet. She's still finding out who she is. She's very reserved."

Rosetree speculates that, for Adams, expressing who she is to people is not nearly as important as protecting herself from getting hurt by them.

"She's a very, very private person, more private than most actors," Rosetree says. "She's got more depth to her than most actors. She's a real, unusually vulnerable -- but very balanced -- human being."


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That is very interesting.

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Is really "the face reading" so accurate ? :-)
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i love that picture of the little girl beaming as she meets Princess Gisele, and AA looking like an angel herself

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I'm not so sure about face reading either. From where I live, Taiwan or in Hong Kong or China, many people believe in it, but I don't quite believe it myself though.