Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rainy night in Manhattan after SNL rehearsals

Being chased and photographed by paparazzis is a sure sign of popularity. It appears that Amy is now increasingly followed around by photographers and hopefully they won't start to become too invasive! Do you think this will quiet down or, on the contrary, go exponentially?

Amy Adams arrives at her hotel wearing a raincoat on a rainy night in Manhattan after SNL rehearsals

(Ray Filmano / WENN)

Keep a close eye on NBC - the channel has been airing funny promos for SNL with Amy Adams and two SNL cast members. Thanks KC for the alert!


Anonymous said...

I hope, for her sake, that this will quiet down. As long as she can keep away from crazy things (unlike the Lindsay Lohans & Britney Spears), I think this chaos will settle a bit in a while.

I'd much rather see people appreciate her work in a respected manner, than have the paps all over her like a freak celebrity.

Anonymous said...

It's been crazy for Amy lately with the Oscars, the promotion of Miss Pettigrew and SNL - but once she starts filming Julie&Julia I'm sure we won't see the papz for a little while.

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear!! Amy's amazingly great and WOW, but ever since Junebug, and Enchanted it's like zap, the girl is everywhere and hounded on every possible form of media and probably Hollywood's most wanted to work with...but it'll probably die down..I thought Rachel McAdams was the newest "it" girl a few years ago, whatever happended to that! Which is good, as like you say, as it's really more interesting to see actors more humble and less "splashed" in your face, then on everything possible. Appreciate they're work. I don't care too much what she's wearing and where she just came out of the car from or going into a car for, etc. Like stage actors, love and appreciate thier work, then leave it at that! People, go live, stop blogging or wasting your hours on photos and clips of her. Life so short, just watch Amy's movies and appreciate them and write a few words here and there if needed to fulfill your love for Amy and then go out and do something more productive...even a few minutes EVERYDAY looking around for Amy related things is really a "life-wasting". I'm a fan of hers but clips, photos, blogging, etc on a person is just wasting one's life. Go out. Go out, watch Amy on Film with friends. Leave it at that. In the end, the hours compiled by minutes on Amy searching is not living folks. Get some help at AAAA. Aid Amy Adams Anonymous :)

Mike C. said...

I think that it will quiet down, I think just now she is pretty visible with the movie and SNL. I mean Amy says herself that she isn't that interesting lol. For the person above me get off your high horse. Its just a fun hobby to follow an actress and want to hear more about her. Steph does an amazing job on this blog on keeping us updated. Nobody asked for your opinion and nobody is forcing you to read it.