Friday, March 21, 2008

Interview magazine's 1999 "Hot Pop 30"

Nine years ago, very few people predicted Amy Adams' rise to stardom when "Drop Dead Gorgeous" was released. Even less when "Cruel Intentions 2" crashed and burned so quickly.

Despite it all, Interview magazine has always showed tremendous support for Adams and even listed her among its "Hot Pop 30 list" in 1999. Here's the interview - it's quite a fun read when we know what has happened to Amy's career.

Watch out, they're ready to take on the world! Welcome to Interview's outspoken, out-there portfolio of thirty folks - some big and some about to be - who are brightening, enlightening, and sometimes even frightening, for now and for years to come.

The character: Evil vamp on "Cruel Intentions 2" .
Where everyone's seen her: Lovable bimbo in the movie "Drop Dead Gorgeous." .
In her own words: "I always knew I wanted to perform. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a singing nurse."

For you to play such a good bitch in "Cruel Intentions 2" [airing in December 99 on the Fox Network], deep down you have to be nice and really stretching.
Yeah, I like to consider myself a nice person. I think that everybody actually has that dark side, though - I think that everybody has that "wicked wit."

Yeah, but Katherine's beyond wicked. She really enjoys destroying lives.
We started shooting again on Tuesday, and I was reminded how icky I feel when I play Katherine, because I really let myself feel like that, and it's just the grossest feeling. I mean, it is fun, but when you're in it, you just ache all the time. She's just so angry and bitter.

So when you've been to that bottomless pit of nastiness, do you want to take a shower afterwards?
A long shower. I get the giggles a lot, though.

Are you afraid you might be - or hoping that you might be - the young generation's answer to Joan Collins on Dynasty?
I hope so. Fox needs a new bad girl. So hopefully I can fill that spot.

Is your family aware of exactly what you're doing in this show? Because it is pretty racy, isn't it?
Yeah, and now they're all laughing because I try to please people a lot, and nobody in America is going to like me as a person when they see me playing Katherine.

So you're a giver?
I give and take, but I try. Like I never want to hurt anybody's feelings. But don't get me wrong. I'm a very generous taker, too.

Can you snap into the character just by clicking something Inside of you, or does it take a lot of buildup?
I'll show you how to do it, OK? Just wash everything you know about yourself away. Now think about the time you were jilted, like somebody did something awful to you and you couldn't believe it. You know that gut ache you get? And then you're there.

But I'm always like that!
Perhaps you should be playing Katherine.

. Interview magazine - October 1999


Anonymous said...

LOL! I bet she wouldn't be telling those secrets today!

mmmc said...

Thanks Stephany again for this article. Where do you find/get these? Anyways, awesome job and love the blog!!

BritishWannabe said...

OMG, Cruel Intentions 2 was such an awful movie. I actually felt bad for Amy as I was watching it.

emily said...

I only watched Cruel Intentions 2 for Amy. I would love to see her in that bitchy kind of role again cause it's so different from a lot of things she's done but that wasn't a good movie :(