Thursday, March 13, 2008

Repost: Amy at the Oscars

The video of "Happy Working Song" at the Oscars that I posted in a previous blog entry isn't working anymore so here it is again. Thanks for alerting me Amanda!


Amanda Talamonte said...

You're welcome, thanks A LOT for posting! Gosh, she is SO nervous, we can notice on her voice. Who wouldn't be? anyway, she did AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

LOL Yeah, she was definitely nervous! She did really well for that, though I noticed her voice shake a little at certain times. Thanks for reposting!
I don't have an account so I'll just put my name at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

She seems to get more nervous as she nears the end of the song. But I think she did amazingly well! :D
First time I have been able to see this video, it disappeared from youtube etc.
Thanks for posting!

AmyAdamsRules said...

i love her voice! she is my favorite Actress!she is so cool!
go Amy!


AmyAdamsFanEAA said...

I think she sang it wonderfully. She is not only amazingly beautiful but amazingly talented as well

Anonymous said...

This one doesn't work either.