Monday, March 31, 2008

Amy Adams in "Charlie Wilson's War" (2007) - Part 1

Amy Adams plays Bonnie Bach, a congressional administrative assistant to Tom Hanks's character in "Charlie Wilson's War". It tells the story of Charlie Wilson, a rogue congressman and CIA operative, who makes a conspiracy to arm Afghan rebels against invading Soviet forces. Amy describes her character as "his Gal Friday.”


The following clip is "a very fun scene" according to Amy. It shows her first meeting with Julia Robert's character.


Those scenes were shot in October 2006 in Morroco.


Amy doesn't have a lot of lines in the scene that follows. You can easily tell by watching it that Amy/Bonnie is full of respect for Tom/Charlie. "Just to be on that set and learn from these people and get to watch Philip Seymour Hoffman and Tom Hanks do these amazing scenes together, directed by Mike Nichols, it was for me like going to school.” adds Amy.


I'll post more video clips from "Charlie Wilson's War" later in another blog entry. Enjoy! :)


Annie said...

Thanks Steph for posting these !!

Jazzy said...

thank you so much for these! Just one question, the Morocco scenes were shot in October 2007 or 2006? because it seems to me too close to the release date...

Zeppoleon said...

She looks so pretty in the last video! :o Thanks for the videos!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these, Stef!

I watched this on theatres with my mother (Uh. It was rated R, haha, and also she wanted to see it because of Julia) and someone whistled once she was walking giving Charlie that message.

It was hilarious.

mmmc said...

Thanks Stephany for the great job and I really hope this blog gets some serious awards & recognition because this is truly an amazing blog and the people who run do a tremendous job.

Once again, thank you so much!!

Stephany said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments!

Jazzy, I read October in the movie's production notes and assumed it was 2007 but as you rightly mentioned, it's way too close to the release date. Thank you very much for pointing this out!

Jazzy said...

you're welcome! thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

amy adams next to horseface roberts is like men against maggots