Thursday, March 6, 2008

Amy Adams enchants the Big Apple

The always-enchanting Amy Adams and Darren Le Gallo were spotted leaving their Manhattan hotel two days ago. The Oscar-nominated actress, whose latest movie "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" opens in limited release on Friday, is in the Big Apple to guest host this week's episode of 'Saturday Night Live'.

Not only is Amy looking radiant in her street clothes, she was even able to charm Darren into taking the dogs outside. That girl definitely has some magical powers.

Text and pictures: Pacific Coast News Online


Cynthia said...

I love her pants and her dogs are so adorable!!!!

emily said...

hey I was just wondering if there's any way you could get a SNL tv spot with her on this blog. If you can't that' ok; I don't have too much time to watch tv and wait for a spot.

great job on the blog! I look at it so many times throughout the day!

Stephany said...

Thanks for your kind words, Emily.
I'll do my best to get at least one of the 3 (or 4) existent SNL promo videos.

Anonymous said...

I watched Enchanted and she did way awesome in it. I don't know if this is really Amy Adams blog or if she's going to read this but I just wanted to ask her a question if she does read this. I heard you were raised a latter day saint and I was just wondering why you don't believe in that anymore? I know everyone has there own reasons. I believe you are a great person from what I've heard of you and it says a lot about you for not working at hooters after they tried making you wear those clothes. It shows you are modest and respect yourself. But thats just my opinion. Sorry I kinda went off the question but I don't want you to think I'm judging or whatever for not being a mormon. Just wanted to know why you changed your mind.