Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Amy's big screen smooch

Locking lips on the big screen can be a challenge. In "Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day," Amy Adams gets a smooch with hunky Lee Pace of ABC's "Pushing Daisies." The problem? Amy told Parade, "I'm about five feet four and Lee is six-four. Bending over to reach my lips looked silly. So Lee just grabbed me and hoisted me off the floor."

Amy reveals that her boyfriend has no problem with her getting romantic on the set. "He understands that it's part of the job," she says. "When I was doing 'Enchanted' there was a day that I was lying on a chaise lounge and being kissed by James Marsden and then Patrick Dempsey. We did the scene all day long. At the end, I stood up and was like, 'Girls, you need to stand in line for this ride.'

Then, my boyfriend called me and he was very funny. He was like, 'How did your best day of filming ever go?' We're very secure with each other."

Source: ABC News

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