Monday, February 25, 2008

What the press thinks of Amy's singing talents

- Los Angeles Times
It must be noted that Amy Adams may be eligible for a Medal of Honor; singing "A Happy Little Working Song" in front of all those movie stars without the support of her cockroach, rat and pigeon kickline was one of the bravest acts I personally have ever witnessed.

- CinemaBlend
Amy Adams performs “Working Song” from Enchanted. No big production number, just Amy on stage alone, in whatever, singing the song… and it’s brilliant. I love her. She’s a goddess.

- Detroit news
There were some highpoints. Amy Adams sang "Happy Working Song," one of three numbers she sang in "Enchanted" that scored a best song nomination. Notably, she sang it all alone onstage, with no flashy choreography or dancers, just like an old-fashioned movie star with actual talent.

- Star Tribune
The nominated songs did little to jazz up the affair. Former Chanhassen Dinner Theatres peformer Amy Adams did her best to get through a solo version of "Happy Working Song" (from her hit film "Enchanted"), but it ended up looking like an "American Idol" audition with the Olympic rings rotating absurdly in the background.

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