Friday, February 29, 2008

PETA upset over Amy's vintage fur scene

Animal rights group People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals have taken aim at the costume designers behind Amy Adams' new film - for dressing the star in vintage fur.The Enchanted star admits she'd never wear fur for real, but had to sweat it out in heavy pelts for one scene in new movie Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day.

She recalls, "It was very hot; fur is hot. We were on this seated set so I overheated all day." Adams admits she hasn't had "any flak" from PETA's fervent anti-fur activists - because she thinks they understand that the period movie had to be authentic. But PETA spokesman Michael McGraw insists that's not the case.

He says, "PETA is glad to know that Amy Adams does not wear real fur in real life, but costume designers need to know that whether the animals were killed yesterday or 50 years ago, they are not ours to wear." Just because animals died in steel-jaw traps or had their necks snapped on filthy fur farms decades ago doesn't make their suffering any less grisly.

"Vintage fur sends the same, unacceptable message as a new fur - that it's OK to allow animals to have their bones crushed in traps, to have their heads stomped on or their necks snapped, or to be anally electrocuted, simply for the sake of vanity".

Source: ContactMusic

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