Friday, February 29, 2008

No scenes with Meryl Streep in "Julie and Julia"

Amy Adams revealed to the media during a press conference for Miss Pettigrew lives for a day that she does not share any scenes with Meryl Streep in "Julie and Julia".

Meryl and Amy wrapped filming Doubt, their other common project, just a few weeks ago. So, how does it feel working again with her so soon? "It's amazing. I've been really fortunate and at one point in my life, I really wanted female mentors, and working with Frances [McDormand] and working by Meryl, just following by example, I just feel like I've gotten that wish."

They start filming their new film in New York next week. "It's based on a book called "Julie and Julia" written by Julie Powell, a woman who blogged her way through Julia Childs' cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", all the recipes in one year and blogged about it online"., says Amy.

Unfortunately, their characters Julie and Julia never actually meet in the movie. "I'm excited to tackle that, but we do not have scenes together", regrets Amy.

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