Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"It's a relief" says Amy after Oscars performance

On the right picture, Amy Adams finally takes a break from her crazed Oscars day, heading out of the Governor's Ball.

"I was in rehearsals all day from 9 a.m.", she says.

The highlight? "When I finished singing! It was such a relief! It's been the only thing on my mind for a while so it's nice that that's behind me now."

After her performance, Amy blew a kiss to Enchanted nominees Alan Menkell and Stephen Schwartz, who both appeared to be very proud of their "protegee".

On the red carpet, a journalist asked her if she considered herself as an established singer. Amy replied "I'm an actress who sings!".

You're being modest, Amy. After all, you recorded at the famous Abbey Road studios in London for Miss Pettigrew lives for a day and two of your songs were nominated at the Oscars!

No wonder the media now refers to Amy as an "actress-singer" or an "Oscar-nominated singer".

Source: People / Access Hollywood


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it would have felt like a ton of bricks finally off her shoulders! She seemed so much more relaxed presenting Original Score after her song. Good job.

I somehow can't find any picture of her in any post-Oscar party (except this one). Thanks for the pic!

Stephany said...

I understand that she left the post-party pretty early. She was probably exhausted!