Monday, February 25, 2008

The Amy Adams Award goes to...

On an annual basis, the Grand Rapids Press recognize the Academy Awards' best moments by their very own "Serbie awards". This year, they invented the "Award for vibrancy and poise" - or what they rather like to call - the "Amy Adams Award".

According to them, Amy deserves to be praised for her vibrancy and poise for her performance of nominated Enchanted tune "Happy Working Song".

"Standing alone on a bare stage, she sang with verve and gusto, proving. A) that's really Amy Adams' voice, and it's amazing, B) Amy Adams could honk noisily into a handkerchief on stage for three minutes and still be adorable, and C) this may be the last Amy Adams Award for Vibrancy and Poise, because so few people have vibrancy and poise like Amy Adams".

Pictured left with Amy is Oscar winner Dario Marianelli ("Best score" for Atonement).

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