Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar presenters and segments revealed!

Cinemascopian has obtained a copy of the rundown for tonight’s Oscar telecast. The show is timed at 3 hours and a half.

Three Oscars will be awarded before Amy enters the stage to perform "Happy Working Song". She will be accompanied by a full orchestra!

Miley Cyrus will introduce Kristin Chenoweth and "That's How you Know" while Patrick Dempsey present Jon McLaughlin's "So Close".

Amy will return to the stage near the end of the ceremony to present the "Original Score" Academy Award. She is expected to refer to the most famous musical phrases in movies, e.g: Jaws, Close Encounters and Rocky.

Go to Cinemascopian to see the full Oscar line-up.

- Thank you very much to Jason for the alert!


Cynthia said...

I'm gonna DVR the whole thing (red carpet and cerimony), I put videos up as soon as I figure out how to pass it to my computer.

Stephany said...

That would be absolutely fantastic, Cynthia!
Tonight's show is going to be amazing - and unique - especially with Amy's singing performance. Hope she's not too nervous.