Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Happy working song" - Amy nailed it!

Amy has just finished singing the "Happy Working Song". She appeared to be very nervous but I think she did pretty well under the circumstances. It was adorable and you can easily tell how much Amy loves this song. She was out of her comfort zone and yet her performance was very good. Especially when you know that she had so little time to prepare.

I was impressed by how good her voice is live - although almost quaking at some times, but that's because she was nervous - and she hit the high notes extremely well.

The Herald Review approves: "Wow. That’s a major-league performance by Amy Adams. I don’t care for the song - I like the Central Park tune from “Enchanted” better - but she didn’t miss tonight. You can make a case that she should have been nominated for best actress, too."

The Los Angeles Times doesn't agree with our opinion, though. According to them, Amy's performance "seemed rather flat without the birds, rats and other critters whirling around her as they were in the movie".

What did you think of Amy's singing performance?


Garit said...

I think she got a great voice...and sang really well!!!

Anonymous said...