Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Amy on Rachael Ray talk show

Amy was on Rachael Ray's talk show on November 21, 2007. Here's a link to a short clip where she talks about the kissability of Will Ferrell and how she dealt with Will's mum being on set: "I was not expecting that" (courtesy of ABC).

During the show, Amy broke the mold by explaining her least favorite dish. "It's not the Jell-O mold I'm offended by," she says, but what's in it -- carrots and raisins." Host Rachael Kay asks if her family is aware of her distaste for the concoction. "No," Amy says, "but they are now! So sorry to all my aunts and uncles and everyone who loves it!"

Kay asks if Dempsey was a good kisser. Amy admits, "He is, he's lovely." To Amy's amusement, Rachael reenacts the kiss with dolls from the movie! "Look at how dreamy even his doll hair is!" she adds. You can view another short clip on Rachael's official website.

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