Friday, February 29, 2008

Watch Amy on the Letterman show

For those of you who missed Amy's segment on Letterman tonight, you can download it here:
Amy Adams - David Letterman 02/28/08 (95MB) or view it below.

Amy talks of her show-biz start in Dinner Theater and how the actors would also have to serve the meals at times. She described the life of a dinner theater actor as "Skits and Grits." Dave asks, "And how do you get from dinner theater to becoming a big Hollywood star?" Amy, with a slightest laugh, answers, "Well . . . ." Somehow the audience took this as her insinuating "favors" were given. It played very well. I don't think she meant it to sound like that but it worked well for laughs.

Source: Celebutopia and CBS


Cynthia said...

I think she meant it to sound like that, because when she's laughing she says "I'm kidding".

I loved it!

Stephany said...

You're probably right! I loved how she said "oops" after that - very cute.