Friday, February 22, 2008

Video interview about Walt Disney's "Underdog"

Here's an interview of Amy for the promotion of Disney's Underdog. She provided her voice for the character of Polly Purebred, a spaniel with whom Underdog (a superhero dog), shares romantic tension. Adams was a stand-out winner in the casting process. “She was a real inspiration,” says producer Jonathan Glickman. "In fact, when we started recording, she took her hair down, which is normally up, and the look matched our dog’s ears. An unanticipated coincidence, but it turned out to be a great thing.”

He’s out of his league with Polly,” says Adams, “so he’s always trying to be very suave with her. He’s putting on this bravado but it’s still innocent and charming and I think that’s why we like him so much.”

It was the script that drew Adams’ interest. “I absolutely fell in love with the dogs and with Polly and the way they made her more modern. I always like playing sassy girls,” she laughs. “Polly is very feisty and not afraid to say what she thinks. She craves adventure, but she is absolutely hard to get.”

As a dog owner herself, Adams loved getting the chance to explore what a dog might say – if she was granted a voice. “I guess you could say Polly just wants the freedom to be her own dog,” observes Adams. “What’s fun about this movie is that the dogs are presented with a mix of realistic dog behavior and very human emotions.”

Underdog is out now on DVD and Blue-Ray disc.

Sources: Movieweb and Clickthecity

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