Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Miss Pettigrew" premieres at the Edinburgh Film Festival

This year's Edinburgh International Film Festival, which runs from June 18 to 29, will showcase "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" starring Frances McDormand and Amy Adams. There will be two screenings on June 25 and 27. Box office opens Friday 09 May at midday. You can buy your tickets here.

It is still unknown whether Amy or Frances will travel to Scotland to present the movie. After all, this can be considered as the UK Premiere of "Miss Pettigrew lives for a day". Among those who are due to attend this Festival are Oscar-winning Scottish actress Tilda Swinton, Keira Knightley Sir Sean Connery, Brian Cox, and many others.

On a personal note, now I can say that I'm officially gutted. I'm going to Edinburgh the week before the Festival. Think about coincidences. Anyway - I'm going to London for a couple of days so don't expect any updates during this time. In the meantime, please don't forget to vote for Amy at the MTV movie awards here! Thank you very much :)


Jee said...

Thank you steph!

Whoah, your gonna be there the week before? So you wont see Amy? :(

Oh, and have fun away steph! :)

haroerlee said...

Hey Steph! Have fuuun!

Cyn said...

Miss Pettigrew is out in Cinema's now in Aus!! gonna see it as soon as i can!!

SkullyRox said...

Oh rubbish, I don't have any holiday left from work. Booo!
Have fun in London Steph! :)