Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Dakota Fanning would play a good young me" says Amy

Ever wondered who would play Amy Adams in a movie of her life?

"I'm still young enough to play myself, but if I could cast me?" giggles Amy. "Oh, wow--I think Dakota Fanning would make a good young me. She just has to get a little more sarcastic."

Actress Amy Adams got her professional start as a dancer at Country Dinner Playhouse and Boulder's Dinner Theatre.

"She was this fantastic young talent," said Paul Dwyer, who performed with her at Country Dinner and is now its artistic director. "She was just like a ball of fire."

Adams did three shows at Country Dinner in the mid-'90s and waited tables as a Barnstormer. At Boulder's Dinner Theatre, Adams played Christine to Brian Norber's Al in "A Chorus Line". In the play, after Christine makes the first cut in auditions, she hugs her husband. One night, her fingernail plunged into Norber's cheek. He bled onstage.

"Don't think, at every party I'm at, I won't say (what happened) when someone brings up Amy Adams," Norber said.

Adams left Colorado in her early 20s. When she was a student at Douglas County High School, she didn't participate in drama.

"I was a dancer," she said. "I've definitely let it slip. My focus has been elsewhere of late."

Source: Rocky Mountain News, InStyle


Anonymous said...

well, Dakota is a little hyper most of the times, so she really would play a good Amy...sarcasm comes with age. Anyhow, she can play Amy's daughter, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if she doesn't play Amy herself, Miss Fanning could still play a younger version of whatever character Amy plays.

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

A little more sarcastic eh Amy? Very interesting , I would love to hear some of your biting wit