Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chorus girl Amy Adams attends opening night of musical

The revival of Broadway's 1975 breakout hit "A Chorus Line" welcomed Amy Adams among its first viewers at the big opening performance in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The groundbreaking musical “A Chorus Line” is played at the Ahmanson Theatre from May 22 to July 6, 2008. Amy is pictured on the left with cast members Nikki Snelson and Michael Gruber.

The show tells the story of 17 dancers auditioning for the chorus line of a new musical, and revealing their personal histories and innermost hopes and fears, praying for the opportunity to realize their lifelong dream – to dance on Broadway.

Boulder's Dinner Theatre remembers well Amy Adams when she joined the production of "A Chorus Line" after another actor was injured.

"She learned all the songs and dances by video," Kathryn Adams (Amy's mum) proudly explains. "When she went on stage, she hadn't had any time with the rest of the cast, and she was phenomenal."

Amy Adams was spotted during the evening chatting with George Takei, an American actor best known for his role in the TV series "Star Trek" and more recently for his appearance on "Heroes".

Amy was taking a break from her work on "A Night in the Museum 2". She's expected to fly to Canada very soon to finish her scenes.


milidd said...

She was also spotted that morning early at a Georgetown Starbucks in DC, then a car picked her up to go to the airport. The newspaper said she was flying to Vancouver , but apparently she was going to L.A

BTW Who she played at "A Chorus line"?

Stephany said...

Thanks for the additional info, milidd!

Amy played Kristine in "A Chorus Line" :)

milidd said...

Is Kristine the one that can't sing? That would be funny because when I saw "A chorus line" in my country , Kristine was portrayed by my favorite actress back then (that's why I saw the show at the first place)

Anonymous said...

I've never seen the musical but according to Wikipedia:

"Kristine is tone-deaf, and her lament that she could never 'Sing!' is interrupted by her husband Al finishing her phrases".