Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Doubt" release date moved forward to October?

Don't get too excited before it's officially confirmed but according to the usually reliable ComingSoon.Net, Miramax Films has moved forward the release date of "Doubt" from December 5 to October 10, 2008.

It would make perfect sense if the studios really wanted to set their goals higher for the award season and obtain a positive buzz for a couple of months rather than just a few weeks. Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

I don't know, Steph, but as far as I've seen, those movies released in mid-Nov to mid December are in best position for awards consideration. October 10 might be a tad too early, unless it's planning a limited release & opening wider a few weeks later.

IMHO, its original December 5 release date sounds just right. Hope bumping it up 2 months is not a bad sign of the movie's quality.

Then again, this has not yet been confirmed. :)

Stephany said...

Thanks a lot "Anonymous" for the very interesting input. I always thought the October/November movies were in best position for the awards season.

Miramax usually prefers limited releases so we'll see.

Jee said...

Thanks, steph!

But I have to say... Early at October, I think that by awards season the movies buzz may die down. I'm hoping they keep the original date. :)

Daniel said...

October is a fine month to release the movie. It is early enough in the year to get good circulation and buzz and late enough to stay fresh in the minds of academy voters

Anonymous said...

does anyone know the uk release date?