Wednesday, July 9, 2008

UK/US release dates for Amy's upcoming movies

Just a quick post to inform you that I'm still around lurking on the net to find you all the latest on Amy Adams but so far, no luck. It sounds like we won't get much until at least mid-September, that is when Amy wraps up filming 'Night at the Museum 2' in Vancouver.

As a reminder, here's a brief list of release dates for Amy's upcoming movies in the UK/US:

Miss Pettigrew lives for a day
- US (DVD): 19th August 08
- UK (Cinema): 15th August 08

- US (Limited release): 12th December 08
- UK (Cinema): 16th January 09

Sunshine Cleaning
- US: 2009
- UK: 2009

Julie & Julia
- US: 2009
- UK: 2009

- US: 2009/2010
- UK: 2009/2010


Anonymous said...

I thought the release date for Doubt was pushed ahead to October 2008.


Daniel Lad said...

The release date on Doubt has changed a couple of times I think.

HarperLee said...

Can't wait too see them!!!

Stephany said...

For Doubt, I don't know for sure. The release date has not been confirmed.