Thursday, July 24, 2008

Amy Adams and Darren Le Gallo will marry in 2009

Wonderful news for Amy & Darren :)

USA Today has confirmed that the couple plans to marry sometime next year. Le Gallo supposedly proposed to Adams with a diamond by French jewelry designer Jean Dousset of Beverly Hills.

Most of us are obviously not surprised because we spotted the ring a couple of months ago but it's wonderful to hear the confirmation, isn't it? They both met in acting class six years ago.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Yesterday evening, Amy attended a Vanity Fair Party hosted by Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills and she was litterarily glowing. More pictures to come.

Thank you very much to everyone who emailed me the news about Amy's engagement.


Daniel Lad said...

Congratulations, Amy and Darren. May you both enjoy a lifetime of happiness together

annie said...

That's awesome, I'm super excited ! Seriously. I wish them all the happiness in the world and hope they'll be together for ever and EVER and live happily ever after :D

Thanks for the news :)

SkullyRox said...

Yay, many congratulations to Amy and Darren!

Anonymous said...

EEE!!! I'm super duper happy for her!!

that ring is freakin frackin HUGE! o.O


Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Annie said. Somehow I knew this was going to happen. There are some couples that you can tell are meant for each other(and a few that you just think are meant for each other, like some former lovers of some of my friends and relatives).


Anonymous said...

Yay i am so happy for them both

d.h.l. said...

As I am :) They deserve each other. A great life ahead! Hah, 2009- and so it is!

Kristi @ KLK Photography said...

I bet it will be amazing! I just saw her on Craig, she is so adorable, i wish she knew who i was so i'd be so blessed to photograph her wedding!!! :)